Adobe CarePlan FAQs

Why buy a CarePlan Membership

Studies show that pets that get routine care, such as annual checkups and shots live longer and healthier lives. Our CarePlans are designed to make it easier for our clients to get their pets the best care. At the same time protect against the rising costs of petcare and with low, predictable monthly payments. CarePlans are our way of rewarding our most loyal customers.

CarePlans are managed and designed by Adobe and exclusively for Adobe clients. Our plans are customized for our clientele by our veterinary team and do not include services that we don’t think you need or will use. With a CarePlan, you can get more access to the veterinary team that knows your pet the best, when you need it the most. Only CarePlan can offer unique features, such as unlimited video visits with an Adobe veterinarian and instant checkout, so you can quickly get out and on your way.

No. Pet insurance covers unexpected visits for illness or injury. A CarePlan membership enhances this by including your pet’s regular recommended wellness care, such as their annual checkup and vaccinations, that aren’t typically included in a pet insurance plan. Unlike insurance, you also can receive unlimited televisits with an Adobe Vet. Speak with the Adobe team for more detail.

CarePlan member benefits

For most pets, your recommended routine, healthy pet care is covered. If your pet needs additional services such as diagnostic tests (blood work or lab tests) or additional visits for healthcare issues, they may result in additional costs.

In some cases, an in-office visit is better than a video visit. However, for many situations the care is equally as good, video visits have some great advantages. The biggest benefit is that you save the time and hassle of packing up your pet and driving to the office. Video visits are scheduled, so you no longer have to wait in the waiting room. Video visits are also perfect when you are out of town or on vacation and your pet needs attention. Every CarePlan membership entitles you to unlimited video visits.

CarePlans come in two versions. Generally speaking, Essentials is best for young and adult pets while Advanced is designed for more mature pets and those with greater healthcare needs. Speak with an Adobe representative to discuss which plan is best for your pet.

Plan pricing, payments and savings

As a member you will receive exclusive savings of up to $250 in scheduled exam fees, and up to 10% on all food, medication, and toys you purchase at Adobe.
When you become a CarePlan member, you lock into today’s prices for the entire year. That means that even if prices rise, your costs stay the same. With petcare services rising over 8% last year, that could translate into real savings for you.
No. Many other wellness plans make you submit your invoice and then you have to wait to get reimbursed. As a member, all you do is come in for your covered visit and you’re done. Think of it as the Uber of petcare. No more dealing with credit cards and invoices, you are free to get out and on with your day.
Your current balance is viewable at any time through the Adobe pet portal.
When you sign up for a CarePlan, your credit card will be automatically charged every month.
You will receive credit or other compensation for any in-office visits or vaccinations you did not receive over the past year. Contact your Adobe representative for more information.
You can cancel at any time. You just have to pay for services you’ve already used.

Using your CarePlan

Some CarePlans include unlimited video visits for your pet, at no additional charge. Speak with your Adobe staff member for more information.

Live chat and FirstCall chat are conducted by dedicated Adobe medical staff members. Video visits are with an Adobe veterinarian.

No. Once you sign up, you can start to use your benefits immediately.
CarePlans are non-transferable to other pets. However, if your pet passes, you may transfer the plan to another pet.
Yes. We have plans with more extensive coverage for seniors.

CarePlans are designed for one pet at a time.